Lesson 3

The Epistle to the Hebrews

World English Bible translation

 Today's Scripture

1:10 And,

 "You, Lord, in the beginning, laid the foundation of the earth.
      The heavens are the works of your hands.

 1:11 They will perish, but you continue.
      They all will grow old like a garment does.

 1:12 As a mantle you will roll them up,
      And they will be changed;

 But you are the same.
      Your years will not fail."

1:13 But of which of the angels has he said at any time,

 "Sit at my right hand,
      Until I make your enemies the footstool of your feet?"

1:14 Aren't they all ministering spirits, sent out to do service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?  

Today's Lesson 

Today's Scripture continues the comparison between the Son and the angels. God had spoken to the Jews through the prophets, but now He speaks to us through the Son. The author tells us that Jesus is the radiance of the glory of God and the very image of God's substance. When Jesus had purified us from our sins, God raised Him up to a place of authority and honor that was higher than all created beings. The Son was placed higher even than the angels.


The supremacy of the Son is one of the primary themes of this letter. The author is not trying to denigrate angels or prophets. It is the prophets that he quotes and whose very words he reveres. The angels are the ministering spirits of God. It is not that angels and prophets are not important, it is that the Son is even more important. The Son is more important than anything or anyone else. His reverence for the words of the prophets shows us the magnitude of the glory of the Son.


His reverence for the words of the prophets also tells us that he is writing to a predominantly Jewish audience. The author uses the Greek translation of the Old Testament scriptures and he uses it in such a way that tells us that he expects these words to be familiar to those who will read it. Not only will it be familiar to them, but he expects these words to be persuasive.


And he is seeking to persuade them that the Scripture that they revere teaches that there is one that is greater than even the angels of heaven. It is his testimony that this person that the Scriptures speak of is Jesus of Nazareth.


What is it that those you desire to bring to Christ revere? How can you use the the things that they revere to teach them about Christ?


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