The Weave and The Weaver
By W. T. Weatherly

     Our lives are like a thread stretched taunt
          Between two points, an "A" and "B".
    Poised upon the everlasting now,
          We travel on the line from birth to death.
     Dreaming vague dreams about the past,
          Remembering anew when it was "now".
               Having great hopes and prayers of future days
               When all we strive for is accomplished,
               All achievements won or lost.

     But you, O Lord, stand back afar
          From time and space
          Seeing all.
     The glorious tapestry of your creation.
     You know each thread,
          And yet, you see the whole as well.

     That I could sit with you
          Seeing my life in proper place and time,
          Seeing both the weave and the weaver at once.

               Be gentle with this thread, O Lord
               For I am weak and near to breaking.

1996 W. T. Weatherly