Purpose and Policy of

A Daily Walk


The purpose of this web site is to provide a resource for a continuing Bible study that proclaims the Gospel of Christ. It is my prayer that the information presented will center on the person and work of Jesus Christ.


 Because it is my purpose to focus on the continuing presence of Christ, it is my resolve to present information and opinions without denominational bias. These pages will denounce no group or faction. It is my goal to "preach Christ .. and him crucified."


I have tried to remain true to the biblical text in their reproduction and distribution. I have attempted to reproduce them accurately, changing only the font in which the type is displayed. Please report any typographical error so that it might be corrected immediately.


I have also attempted to conform to the legal requirements in the reproduction of texts and artwork. If any text or graphical element of this site is not reproduced in accordance with United States law, please inform me of this as well and this too shall be corrected.

Please pray for A Daily Walk


I would ask that those who benefit from information presented here would pray that this sight might continue to honor the Lord as I will pray that Jesus Christ might also be at the center of your own existence.


I would ask that those who would disagree with the purpose and/or information I present here would also pray that I might draw closer to the truth so that there be none lead astray by my own error and sinfulness.


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